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Alfonso Herrera-Flores

Graphic Designer | Fine Artist





Rancho Cucamonga, California, USA

Date of Birth:

December 14, 1998

A Bit About Me

Hola! I'm a 24 year-old graphic designer and fine artist. Being the first in my family tree to be graduating college this May, not only have I been taught how to be an efficient and ever-growing graphic designer, I also picked up on how to lead and pave paths for those who choose to follow me. I understand that someone who leads doesn't ever do it alone. Where there's a team, there's always a way.


Serving others is a big part of my life in and out of my professional career. For instance, I've been serving my church Piedra Angular since I was 13 years-old playing bass guitar in the worship team. When I'm not designing you can either catch me swimming, painting, or praying! I look forward to the doors that open for me!

Work Experience

January 2023 - Present

August 2018 - Present

Creative Aid | Jr. Graphic Designer, Project Manager |This organization has given me the task of designing logos & social media marketing for local businesses in Orange County. The group setting provided me the role of Project Manager to assist and overview my peers' work and proofs.

Michael's Arts and Crafts | Team Member | I'm blessed to be given over 5+ years to grow in providing excellent customer service, guidance, and provision as a team member working at Michael's Arts and Crafts. It's the compassion for others that separates me from the crowd

Connect with Me!

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